Using POLi at Online Casinos

For players who reside in Australia or New Zealand, one of the most popular banking options that can be used in an online casino is POLi. This method allows players to make secure casino deposits without the use of a credit card. It is a great option for anyone that is looking to enjoy real money gambling at some of the top rated Australian online casinos in the industry. With POLi, the registration process is free and the service is very easy to use, making this a preferred method for many players.

POLi is not an ewallet service, so there is no need to register and create any type of account. This is a banking service that acts as a bridge between Australian banks and online casinos. For any player that does not wish to use a credit card or another method of banking online, POLi presents a fast and secure ay to fund casino accounts instantly. To make use of POLi, players will have to install the POLi web browser to their computer. Players will then visit the casino cashier and select POLi as a payment method. They will then be redirected to the POLi site where the transaction will be completed by selecting an amount to deposit to the casino account.

Another great thing about selecting this method when playing online is that POLi also conducts casino withdrawals. After players have won on the games they play in the casino, they may wish to remove the funds from the casino account. This is a simple process through POLi and when complete, the funds will be transferred to the associated bank account. POLi is a complete banking solution that is used by thousands of Australian online gamblers each and every day. With amazing levels of protection and fast transactions, this is the method of choice for most players in Australia. POLi online casinos will conduct all transactions in local currencies, making it very easy to manage a casino account and conduct secure transactions online.

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