Playing Video Poker

Online casinos are known for offering the largest variety of casino games top players. In leading Australian casino sites, players who have registered accounts will gain access to some of the most amazing video poker selections. Playing video poker online is a simple task and as long as players understand the basic rules, they can benefit from these great games. The goal of video poker is very simple. Players will try to create the best possible five card hand. New players who are just starting to play video poker online will benefit from the free games that are offered. These games are risk free and provide a great way to become comfortable with the game and to develop some strategies that will be helpful when playing for real money.

Australian players will find that the casinos that cater to their needs will support a large assortment of video poker games. There are often 10 or more variations that can be enjoyed and all of the games are based on basic Jacks or Better rules. Each variation will have different pay tables, so players will have to pay close attention to these when playing. Video poker machines can be played for various coin denominations and the games will support a maximum bet of five coins per hand.

One of the most exciting versions of video poker that can be played online is a multi-hand game. With these, players will have the opportunity to play as many as 100 hands at the same time. It should be known that each hand being played will require a wager, so these games can be costly, but they can also be very rewarding.

In addition to the standard games and the multi-hand video poker games online, Australian players will also find online casinos that have jackpot video poker. These games offer a progressive payout and are very attractive selections. When playing any video poker game online, whether it is free or for real money, players should always take time to review the paying hands so they know what decisions to make when playing the game.

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